Thursday, June 05, 2008

Black Swan Spotted

A Trader at Elite Trader Forums has spotted a Black Swan or maybe its a Duck.

Apparently "THE SWAN" is a SEX technique...Who knew.

I wanted to get a video of Swans having sex, but instead I found this really gay Swan-NYSNC/backstreetBoys-Type video

In case your wondering why gas prices are still going up every week even though Crude Oil was $10 off its highs, RBob Gas is still near its highs and Natural Gas has been making new highs this past week, which is adding to the bullish strength seen in the whole energy complex. It kinda sucks now, that even the average Joe investor is watching the price of Crude Oil every day, where as 6 months ago, there was far less attention. Still, the price of Gas in the US can still be considered relatively cheap compared to Germany and England.
I'm showing Crude Oil is up $5.58, almost back to $128. Meanwhile I'm hearing about some type of manipulation in the oil market regarding Goldmans Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

I noticed Boogster posted the directions to make Subway's Tuna Sandwich. I use to eat at Subway about 5 days a week, (lately I've been eating Quizno's because they put more meat on their Subs and they have a $5 sandwich deal just like Subway). Anyway, me and a Friend have always wondered how to make Subway's Sweet Onion Sauce. It tastes Dam good, especially on the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich. Here are the directions, courtesy of


Anonymous said...

black swan was top thread on that day

HPT on 4:26 PM said...

Thanks for the heads up, I don't read ET as much as I use to.

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