Friday, June 06, 2008

Crude moves up $12 in 2 days

I woke up and saw the Dow down 150pts off the worst unemployment data in 20 years and Crude back at $134.
I'm waiting to hear about that hedgefund blowup real soon.


Anonymous said...

you'll never make money in this market seeing how biased you are. I seem to notice you're happier when market is down than up.

You should be cheering the market as long as it moves big, up or down.

HPT on 9:18 AM said...

I was being sarcastic. The move in Crude oil is sickening. Gas prices are LITERALLY going up everyday. Not good for anyone. I'm just waiting for the day when crude oil spikes even more than this and we get a hedge fund blowup, which to me, will signal a top in Oil. With the Subprime bullshit over, OIL is the new scare tactic in the stock market creating volatility. The Volatility is good for us day traders, because its making the market move and creating trading opportunities.

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