Monday, June 09, 2008


Today, in my Sim acct. JRCC was my best winner.
My two highly speculative plays; MXC and AMR, were my biggest losers.
I sold MXC for a big loss, and cleaned up some other positions (mainly covered some shorts and went long NYX, CME, NMX)
I also closed out my Crude Oil short,,,,about $2,000 too soon, but still got $1,000 profit.

In my real account, I went short the stock indices near the close and I'm holding overnight with a loss. I'm pretty pissed because I was up about $200, but I let the indices run all over me into the close. I saw that all the leading sectors were at the top of there range, but I failed to act on reversing my short position. The trend is still CLEARLY down.


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