Monday, June 09, 2008

Moving stops

GlobeTrader has a good post on bad trading habits.

"Take the fear/panic to lose all of my account in a sharp spike against my position. That fear is unfounded usually, but trading highly volatile futures means that my stops often are farther away than I feel comfortable with.
Still it was a conscious decision to trade that way, because I like to have a high percentage number of winners, which pay for the few losers, which from time to time hit my stop.
In the past, when something like this was about to happen I moved my stop, I added to the losing trade at the dumbest possible times, I did everything not to acknowledge the losing trade.

My first approach to solve the issue was to trade with small stops........."

Momentum Trader has some stock picks for today.

BlueDog is bullish on NYX and the exchanges.

The Fly is calling for death of LEH.

Stewie sees a SHORT SQUEEZE in MXC.


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