Thursday, July 17, 2008

HPT's Pictures

A picture I took of What use to be Washington Mutuals Home Loan center. (took this pic a few weeks ago).

Beazer Homes is in the same complex, and CENTEX homes is across the street.
All these Mortgage houses are near my work, in the beautiful city of Roseville, California. Nearby is the City of Granite Bay. The people in Granite Bay are rich. The kids all drive BMW's and Mercedes. Walk into the nearby Chipotle and its always packed with teens and a parking lot full of expensive cars. I see a lot of commercial real estate coming to sale in Roseville's Financial sector besides Washington Mutuals old place.

You had to walk into the frame and ruin it didn't you?

A cool bumper sticker from somebody at my gym. I noticed a lot of the hot girls go to the gym around 10:30am. I normally go to the gym around 3-5pm depending if I have to go to work.

My computer is running good. No BLUE SCREENS of DEATH. I reduced my RAM and it runs better, weird, but I wont ask questions.


Anonymous said...

impressive collections of elephans, Thai Lan trip?

HPT on 12:33 PM said...

No, its a family collection from over the years. We have probably 50-60 elephants.

Bluedog on 5:55 PM said...

They say elephants bring good luck... I'll have to find my carving from South Africa.

Anonymous said...

hey dude , you need to upgrade to 4 screens.... it is better for your eyes

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