Monday, July 21, 2008

July 21 Choppy Day after OPEX

I spent most the morning taking trades on the simulator and working on new audible alerts. I was a net loser on my simulator trades, but managed to scrape out a profit in my real account.

Big trading ranges seen in BAC and LEH.

I Needed about 30 minutes more patience for this trade to workout but kept getting stopped out of my long mid-day.

The NASDAQ A/D signals worked better than NYSE A/D signals today.Choppy trading in the bonds this morning with some bearishness in stocks.


Anonymous said...

any of the new volume indicators work out?

HPT on 12:54 PM said...

so far, the answer is no. I think my block trade signals are the shit, and have been for years.

Unknown on 7:58 PM said...

blocks of how many? 100 lots

HPT on 11:01 PM said...

1300+ for es, 130+ on er2, 70+ on YM. Sometimes these numbers are adjusted lower but volume has been heavier than usual so these trade sizes have been good. The block trades can't be backfilled, they must be captured in real time on a 1-2 tick chart. I use a 2 tick chart.

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