Thursday, July 24, 2008

July 24 XLF and XLE inverse relationship

Bond futures bounced today and financials sold off in early morning trading.

The inverse relationship between XLE and XLF (Oil Sector vs Financial Sector)

I was anticipating bond futures to bounce today with the recent retest of bond yields near June highs.(As bond Yields go down, bond futures go up). Rick Santelli may be giving a news related reason as to why yields dropped today, but I see it as nothing more than a technical setup.

In the simulator account I sold my 1 contract long on ZF (2 year bond future) from a few days ago and 2 cards on ZN that I averaged into over the last week. Bond Futures are probably the easiest product to understand.

I Slept in and missed the morning selloff. I should have gotten up early and went long ZN and short YM. Oh'well.


Anonymous said...

enough with this chart porn, I wanna see some poses and I still stick to my earlier statement that your leg development lacks.


HPT on 12:09 PM said...

how about 600lb squats for leg development?
I'll be posting more pics and vids on my other blog in the future.

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