Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Blog

I'm a fan of the website BeastSkills and like lifting weights, so I started a new blog were I will post videos of myself doing workouts and list my goals and stuff.

One arm pull ups-

Weighted One leg squats-


Stewie on 2:35 PM said...

I LOVE THOSE VIDEOS!!! Please post more. i love working out too but i am not as yoked as you. love the name too. I am 5'11 and weigh 165lbs. I would like to put on about 10-15lbs of muscle mass. Keep in mind i play soccer too, so i still wanna stay agile and fast but really strong. any tips would be appreciated. thnx HPT.

Anonymous said...

dude, the one arm chin/ups are for show, learn to isolate the muscle group you are working on.... better results ... unless you wanne come with me and climb the swiss alps

Anonymous said...

and sorry I forgot to mention that your symmetry is a bit off between upper and lower body and try to lower your salt intake, you are holding too much water.
*used to be a judge in some IFBB contest

HPT on 5:16 AM said...

I got an IFBB judge on here. Awesome! You wanna see my pictures with Ronnie? I own him on the back lat spread!

Anonymous said...

goog idea , show us some footage on double piceps etc. poses

HPT on 10:21 AM said...

Why is it I have the feeling this is Retard Trader just gathering material for a blog attack.

Anonymous said...

if it makes you feel better to call me RETARD, o.k. so be it
but my real name is Peter

HPT on 11:08 PM said...

Anonymous I'm not sure if your serious or not. But I'm not in competition mode right now, so the whole salt thing is a joke. When I do compete in bodybuilding shows, I don't worry about the salt intake so much, just water balance leading up to the show. My legs are actually my strong point if you thought my upper body dominates. Yes, the 1 arm pullups are for show, people at the gym get a kick out of it. Heavy squats and deadlifts are my core lifts. Videos to come later.

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