Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oil Hedge Fund Blowup

Failed oil hedges sink energy trader SemGroup LP


Anonymous said...

i'm starting to think now is the time to maybe long AMR/LUV/DAL/NWA/HA/CAL and all that in your simulator, unless you think this oil thing is only short term :)

HPT on 11:22 AM said...

I bought airlines (AMR) 2 months ago and already sold for a small profit. With Crude Oil front month contract expiring today, I think we are due for a bounce in oil and a retracement in airlines. Airlines are a losing company and always have been. I was playing airlines for a bounce. If AMR drops back down to 5-6 then maybe play it for a bounce. Its tough to say what is happening at this point. I think the FED is going t be raising interest rates, so the best bet is to be short bond futures, long bond yeilds.

Anonymous said...

Good points, thanks for the reply :)

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