Saturday, July 19, 2008

Short selling ban next week

You won't be able to short a whole raft of financial related stocks next week, thanks to SEC chairman Chris Cox. CluelessQ TRADER got a bulletin from TradeStation which says they aren't allowing "RETAIL" short sells on certain financials.

A research paper on- ”Can Short-sellers Predict Returns? Daily Evidence”


Denarii on 5:28 AM said...

HPT - they are banning Naked short selling which is kind of weird because it is already illegal.

We will be able to still short most stocks - you will just be forced to find them and I bet the cost of finding them will go up if it is hard too.

HPT on 9:51 AM said...

The Bulletin CluelessQ got said no shorting of certain financials at all, even if they are available to borrow. You are right, It's stupid that they say they are banning naked shorts because that is already illegal. The real banks that need to be on the list aren't there like Washington Mutual.

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