Sunday, July 27, 2008

Washington Mutual Stock of the week

Surely, Washington Mutual(WM) will be the stock to watch next week, if not for the next 3 months as we all wait and see if WaMu can survive the current mortgage crisis.
WaMu: Liquidity Options Running Low- Mr. Mortgage takes a deeper look at WaMu
Remember when JPM was thinking of buying WM back in January? Washington Mutual is 1/3 the price it was then.

WAMU WHACKED- from the NY Post-
Summary- WaMu stock is going down
CEO says they are well capitalized (40Billion)
WaMu may be audited by the government-sponsored Federal Home Loan Bank
WaMu is mad they WEREN'T on the SEC short sell BAN LIST

I have to agree with this last question.
Why wasn't WaMu on the short sell ban list????
They have Goldman Sachs on the list? Why?
I'm sure you all know the answer to this question.


Anonymous said...

hear, hear ... the opinion of a truly expert on that matter.
I predict that you will not be here anymore in 12 months time.


HPT on 12:01 AM said...

Thanks for reading my blog. Your contribution is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I think here is someone pissed off about the wise-ass comments you make sometimes....... The road you are on
will not lead to a happy end.
If you treat this just as a hobby fine, but please do not start picking up chicks with the line....hey I am a day trader and next year I will have my own hedgefund.

Anonymous said...

HPT, sorry but the truth sometimes hurts.
I hope I am wrong.........

HPT on 8:54 AM said...

Hey guys,
I've blown up my account 5 times already. I suck at trading. You guys really can't piss me off by telling me I suck at trading because I openly admit it full heartedly. You guys must be new to the blog.
Thanks for stopping by.

Unknown on 5:08 PM said...

HPT, they clearly haven't been reading you at all. Keep on keepin' on. Just stay away from the blow-ups. know what I mean....

Anonymous said...

who the hell is steve anyway?

Here, here?

Steve-O, why don't you put your nuts on the chopping block yourself and actually say something?

Or maybe you are one of the members of society too busy quiety skimming off the fat of the land and American worker, ie What's his face - Mozillo - some corporate douchebag with a golden parachute.

Blow me Steve.

tapeworm on 1:16 AM said...

anonymous: u must not be reading HPT's other blog!

he doesn't have to say anything to pick up chicks...i'm sure he's doing just fine at the gym getting all the trim he needs!

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