Friday, July 18, 2008

Wasted Day

I feel Like I've wasted my whole day working on indicators for my charts. I don't think I've accomplished anything. For the guy that wanted to know my indicators here's a pic of the list. I'm looking at price spikes, volume/or lack of volume, block trades and referencing the NYSE A/D ratio for market strength/weakness. If I find the energy, perhaps I will post my trading plan for trading index futures.(Not likely to happen soon).


Joe on 8:26 AM said...

Great post.

Here's another vote for seeing your trading plan/setups/signals.

Enjoy the weekend

Unknown on 9:00 AM said...

did u try and make a volume splatter thing similiar to move the markets or other similar things

HPT on 10:00 AM said...

Keep reminding me Joe.

Jason, Yeah, I've been trying to differentiate volume like Richard has done. I may be wasting my time.

Unknown on 1:25 PM said...

after all they are a paid chat room and from their video demo of it, they have just tons of indicators that are nothing special

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