Monday, August 04, 2008

Day TraderRockStar Show

Each Day I keep getting hits from people at the DayTraderRockStar show, looking for my blowup video. Besides that factoid, the show streams some of the futures contracts like ES and QM, has CNBC commentary in the background, has a large number of active traders, and it looks interesting. Who knows, maybe if I got off my lazy butt I could start my own show for those interested in trading my style. Who knows, I may even have a live on air BLOW UP! Seriously though, Leave the smart ass remarks to yourself, and if there are some people interested in my potential trading show, leave a comment.

The DayTraderRockStar was made by this guy-

He's been around for awhile. There is growing population of Traders starting up there own YouTube videos, live chats, and live TV shows.


Anonymous said...

That youtube video was horrible. OK, yea for sure do one. It's branding. Be unique and, well, entertaining. No monotone voice. Chics included are awesome. I would be excited, show passion, speak slow for the retards that don't get what a MA is, and make us both laugh and learn. Keep it well under 10 minutes, and maybe just cover what you did that day with some unique twist in it. Always start and end the show the same. Like I said, more branding. Even ugly chics are ok, and as horrible as it sounds i would allow all posts because it will drive traffic. Traders, like me, are hyenas and of course even a super hot chic will get smacked talked. Builds a community. My 2 cents. signed, F1RST.

Unknown on 3:23 PM said...

that dude is a jabrone.

why did u take off the stripper pics?

HPT on 7:01 PM said...

Is this Boogster? Or did you just get done watching that "first" youtube video. Anyway, The DayTrader show is actually a live all day show. If I were to do it, it would be an all day thing, everyday. I would definitely keep it cool. I would probably start it out just focusing on futures, and in time add stock analysis.

your comment about the white socks made me too upset. j/k.
I was thinking I might be showing off too much, so I deleted the post. I was thinking, maybe I should just stick to stock market related posts.
Maybe I'll throw the post back up tomorrow or when I get back from that motley cure concert. I'll probably blowup my account this week, because that tends to happen when things are going good in my life.

Anonymous said...

I watch RockStar every day and like what he's got to say. After finding your site (because of the video) I like what you've got to say on your blog. I think you should do some form of a show. Question: What was your sollution to the Quotetracker/screen flash prombem? I've got the same issue going on and it's killin' me! Thanks

Bluedog on 8:25 PM said...

I'd just post it. Why not?... Live a little!! ;)

Anonymous said...

F1RST. I'm an athlete and I don't lose. lol. jk, i lose. anyhow, not that dude you thought i was. signed, F1RST

tapeworm on 6:19 AM said...

HPT: thank you for taking ur shirtless pic down...i felt much gayer after seeing it

if ur going to do that, at least post some of the NSFW pics (females only!)

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