Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pornstar Thursdays

We got a winner.


(From Wikipedia)
Corrie Floris[2] (born December 23, 1975), professionally known as Sky Lopez, is a former American pornographic actress and model, who is now an aspiring hip hop artist.

Since entering the porn industry in 1999, Lopez has both acted and directed pornographic films, as well as being employed under exclusive contracts with Vivid Entertainment (making her a Vivid Girl) and Shane's World Studios. Lopez was also nominated for a 2005 AVN award for Best All-Girl Sex Scene for her role in High Desert Pirates.[3]

Despite her popularity Lopez decided to retire in 2005. She has denounced the adult entertainment industry as being "...a long, exhausting, emotional winding road that leads to nowhere but self destruction"..."a very ugly world. Not one I would recommend for anyone." [1]

Lopez retired to become a hip-hop artist and is currently known by her new stage name Sky "Spring Break" Lopez. She is now a devout Christian.

Name that Pornstar. I'll give you guys a hint, she's retired.

Alright, here's another hint-

Her first name might be one of these stocks-


MatchPointTrader on 9:39 AM said...

I could swear I have seen those legs....

Bluedog on 9:49 AM said...

Jenna Jameson?

Love the shades and thong, btw. LoL

HPT on 11:29 AM said...

Jenna? That would be way too easy. The next one will be a little easier. But keep guessing. Where is Tapeworm at.

Bluedog on 12:30 PM said...

I'm guessing Sky something... I'll have to research this when I'm not at work. lol.

HPT on 1:19 PM said...

your getting warmer.

Anonymous said...

Sky Lopez

Unknown on 6:16 PM said...

Sky Lopez? Shes an ex. whose from my I do know Nikki Nova though and get this she was going to do a Spencers Gifts autograph signing at MOA...2hrs...$30,000 or what HPT lost from a Friday to a holiday Monday night trading futures.lmao She's not even a pornstar just an adult softcore model. Fluent in a few languages and would love to whup Jenna Jamesons ass.hahaha

HPT on 11:00 PM said...

Sky Lopez is the correct Answer.

HPT on 11:13 PM said...

John, sounds like they probably make more money off of appearances than videos.

Unknown on 12:10 AM said...

Sorry I was busy watching the market go crazy lately...commodities are getting hammered. Yeah, my friend Nikki is pissed that chicks will do ANYTHING and cheaply too as she's a softcore type model. Only the upper echelon make real good money and some like Jenna Jameson have a successful business worth millions. 1-900 numbers are huge too as they collect 80% profit. Guessing definitely changed up the blog a little

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