Friday, August 22, 2008

The Sinners Guide to saving money

7 ways to save money.This article sucks IMO, so I've come up with my own.

***The Sinners guide to Saving money***
1.Avoid making good friends (the less friends you have the less birthday presents you have to buy)
2.Break up with your girlfriend before Valentines day/ Christmas (you'll save a lot)

3.Only go to the strip club on 2-for-Tuesdays (2 songs for the price of 1 in the VIP, also don't forget the red light specials)

4.Buy your clothes at the salvation army (There are some nice finds there, plus if you go on holidays everything is half off)

5.Live in your parents house as long as possible (it saves rent money and you get to much off food and utilities)
6.Don't buy automobile insurance (Insurance is for dumb rich people, just ask any Mexican)

7.Get Drunk before going out to the club (The drinks are way to expensive at the club, always use a D.D., we don't want any more MAD mothers)

8.Buy your liquor at the Dollar tree store, its cheap (an alternative is buying large bottles of Listerine mouth wash)

9.Get your condoms from the local college health clinic (they give them away for free, sure beats 7 buck for a box of Trojans)

10.Don't buy music (Downloading music illegally is much easier and cheaper)

11.Don't go to church (you'll save gas and won't look like a cheap bastard when you pass the offering)

12.Don't buy porn (why do you think God invented the internet)

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Bluedog on 5:17 PM said...

F*ck yeah, now that's what I'm talking about!!

Anonymous said...

kill yourself..then u dont have to worry too much.

no, seriously, great list.

Jules on 8:51 AM said...


Delightful HPT :-)

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