Monday, August 04, 2008

Live Trading Video

Check it out, I'm live People, Come chat and trade with me.

Live streaming video by Ustream


Anonymous said...

of course dude the first day live and you get fucked live...........
thats analrape live

Anonymous said...

I told you last week to trade from the long side.........but it is fun to see you getting analraped


HPT on 1:17 PM said...

I predicted it last night that I would blow up today. Thanks for rubbing it in.

Anonymous said...

it was good comedy, nothing more. i love the words fuck all the time and i'm fucked. haha. what a waste of a year or more, seriously, you are super fucked. but never give up, cause this shit is too funny. i tried to trade for 6 months and made like 100 fucking dollars. i said fuck that shit, this is for monkeys who aren't in the loop. great entertainment, keep it up please. convince yourself you will make millions and the more delusion that better. seriously, say you have 25k and you need 25k a year to live on. 100% return, ah no. so you are fucked. i make 50k a year doing nothing, and i fucking leave at 2 pm every day to do fun shit. if my gf saw this post she would think im a douche...well, i am. signed, nobody. haha.

Anonymous said...

Steve go back to the PPT you cocksucker.

Where's your blog at?

Go long Goldman you freakin monkey, they run the fu**** country these days anyway.


HPT on 12:14 AM said...

HATERS, welcome to the blog. I'm guessing you guys either don't trade, or have nothing better to do then to give me shit on my bad days. Where are the comments on, "Hey, nice day"? Instead I get shit from you guys. You guys really hope I fail? Why should I even post your comments. I'm posting the comments because I've got bigger balls than you and I will admit when I'm wrong and I'm right.

Anonymous said...

I'm learning quite a bit from your videos - i'm a total rookie to this whole trade situation and I use a sim to practice. I hope you keep streaming and you'll have better days (seems like the market is turning around just not the banks)

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