Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Internet Problems

I'm having problems with Comcast this week, as they are doing service in my neighborhood. Dam internet went out at 7:20, right before the 100pt sell off. At least I had no open positions. I called Comcast and they are going to credit the account a whole $25 for all the troubles. Yeppie. What a joke.

I'll be back tonight streaming live as long as Comcast is working.


Dinosaur Trader on 2:24 PM said...

A "good trader" would have figured out how to trade even without the Internet.

Stop making excuses.


VTCastle on 11:04 PM said...

Hey just curious, but what service do you use to get the live CNBC video feed?

I know thinkorswim offers this, but curious if you have a 2nd source.

HPT on 12:10 AM said...

I get CNBC from my cable provider, comcast.

Anonymous said...

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