Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Mr. Mortgage video

It's been less then 2 months since we hit those fear/panic levels concerning the mortgage/bank mess. Last time I checked the dow was at 11,450, and the bottom in the market is ZERO.

House prices still have room to fall.


tapeworm on 8:32 PM said...

how do i get an invite to beast mode activated?!?

HPT on 8:43 PM said...

Sorry about that. I'll re-open it to the public. No new videos. I actually took down all my videos a week or 2 ago because I was pissed off at myself. You missed pornstar Thursdays last week, or was that you writing as John? Anyway, things sure are different then what they were a year ago. A lot of blogs have come and gone and a lot of new ones have popped up in there place. I'm at a crossroad in my life. I've been listening to Napoleon Hill for a little motivation. Anyway, talk to ya later.

Harry on 4:56 AM said...

Good post. I like the line ...bottom in market is zero... :-)

Anonymous said...

for inspriration watch Shawn Johnson, the more the pressure the more she delivered.

tapeworm on 10:51 AM said...

gl with whatever direction u decide to take

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