Friday, September 12, 2008

New Trading Blogs

I'd like to highlight some new blogs I've been checking out lately.

Jules in Jumbles- This blog is about a female futures trader. She's fairly new to the game but so far pretty consistent. She's been trading ER2, but will likely make the switch to the Mid-Cap contract with ER2 moving to ICE. She posts her daily trading logs(something I use to do that readers loved), and she makes posts about her life, which I like most of all.

Sage- He's a Trader in the Virtual Office that Trades mainly ES. He's works a full time job, lives in Asia, and trades the US markets at night. He also posts his trade logs.

Ainkurn- He use to be a trader in DT's Virtual Office, but has now become a financial Adviser. It's interesting to read all the tests he's had to take and what the typical day is like for a financial adviser.

Trader Bubs- Also an old Trader from DT's VO, Bubs is still trading and working on becoming wealthy.

Match Point Trader- A US Day Trader.

Todds Trade- A Day Trader. He posts charts, analysis, and articles.

Index Views
- Analysis of US and Indian Markets. Persistance works my friend.

To see the list of past blogs featured, check the Label- Trading Blogs


toddstrade on 7:42 PM said...

Thanks for stopping by. I find your blog to contain a wealth of information and am grateful for your sharing with the rest of us.
I do wish you had better taste in porn chicks though. lol
Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

A nice VN girl, obviously she is still a virgin as far as trading ES concern. Maybe you can show her a thing or two, wink, wink.

Anonymous said...

a cure for your unevent performance?

Bubs on 6:00 AM said...

Thanks for the link and support

MatchPointTrader on 9:09 AM said...

Thank you so much for putting me in the list! I find lot of interesting information on your site - stocks, science-stuff as well as some hot-horny-babes. Do keep the good stuff coming! Thanks again!

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