Friday, September 26, 2008

Things to do

After trading for 22 hours yesterday and 6 hours today, I'm taking a rest this weekend.
Things to do later this week-
Explain the indicators on the charts and make instructional video.
Go over trading rules and make instructional video.

I will be doing a chart analysis and market outlook Sunday night on Ustream at 9pm PST.


Harry on 11:18 PM said...

Rest is as necessary as is work.

Btw, I am following your blog publicly :) pls check your followers...

Unknown on 5:12 PM said...

What markets were you trading for the 22 hours?
Just curious.
Are those markets very liquid, Or are they slow moving?

HPT on 9:13 PM said...

I was trading ES and YM thursday night. A 2000pt range on YM and 22 pt range on ES. Also Euro and Gold have been good to trade at night.

Bluedog on 9:17 PM said...

22 hrs!! How many cans of Monster did you go through?!

HPT on 9:21 PM said...

No Caffeine. Just Pure rage an adrenaline. There's no drug more powerful than money.

Bluedog on 9:18 AM said...

I hear that!

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