Saturday, September 20, 2008

US Government manipulates Stock Market

The SEC's actions on Thursday to BAN short Selling on Financials was CORRUPT.
But what where they suppose to do?
Let WaMu go under, which would then cause the FDIC to fail because there wasn't enough reserves to cover the customers deposits(overleveraged), which in turn would cause a run on the banks, which in turn,,,,,A CHAIN REACTION....

We have a major problem now. Traders do not believe this run up in the stock market. IT WAS MANIPULATED BY THE US GOVERNMENT. This is NOT A FREE MARKET.
The Traders that covered there shorts WILL NOT BUY FINANCIALS and the common investors will not BUY at these levels. THAT IS WHAT EVERYONE THINKS. One way markets fall off cliffs. The SEC and US government made another bad choice.


Jefferson Kroll got ZOLTED-


Jules on 7:40 PM said...

HPT, this might interest you:

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