Sunday, September 07, 2008

YM is up nearly 300pts?

It's sunday night. A night I wish was January 21, because YM futures are up 280pts right now. Why? Is it the government bailout of FRE and FNM that has everyone jumping for joy? It seems I'm wrong on all my calls, so its probably just best to fade my ideas. Crude Oil is up, Gold is up, Treasury yields are set to open up, and guess what, the Euro is up. I guess everything I said that was going down, is now up. Is 12,500 the next target on the Dow like I thought a week ago? Or are we going down like I thought yesterday. My conclusion is, I have no fucking clue where this market is going anymore. Maybe I should buy a house....Whatever.

Here's the 2yr bond future contract. Looks just like January/March all over again.


Anonymous said...

Just find your groove during the day, in the zone and on the scopes. Cease and desist with all the longer term market timing "stuff" -- ya want to hit singles and make the high probability money or be a Soros - Buffet prognosticator?

Cool Breeze

HPT on 12:05 AM said...

Hitting the singles day to day has always served me best.

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