Thursday, October 30, 2008

What's HPT up to?

I've been working on my Ustream website and reformatting my computer to windows XP.
I have to admit, there are some things I liked that Vista had that XP doesn't have, such as the Audio mixer and Vista's Media Center having better functionality. Besides those perks, I'm glad I have Win XP because I have some essential programs that I can now run that wouldn't have worked on the old 64 bit OS, and I also don't have nVidia driver caused monitor seizures.

Next up on the agenda is working on my automated trading system and making "how to" video tutorials.

GOOG 411, a free telephone directory

Google quotes- not stock quotes, compare quotes of McCain and Obama on political issues


Anonymous said...

Thanks HPT for the streaming ES chart. I now end my day with it. Way better than counting sheep...

FX on 6:04 PM said...

Now when you finnish with xp you should make acronis image or something so next time it's only 5min of work for all that installing :D

HPT on 2:03 AM said...

FX, I actually didn't reformat, because I have 2 hard drives, I just installed XP on the other blank drive. My only problems before were caused by the 64 bit OS, not Vista's platform itself.

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