Sunday, November 30, 2008

ES Volume Profile Chart


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Who is HPT?

Hi, I go by the name of HPT.
I use to keep a live journal of my trading on my blog and use it as a way to interact with people.
I transitioned to prop trading in 2010 and I don't blog as much as I used to.

As a retail trader, I used to use QuoteTracker and NinjaTrader for my charting software and Interactive Brokers as my stock data feed and broker. I also use to use NinjaTrader to backtest trading ideas for my automated trading system. (learn about the free automated trading system I setup with Quotetracker). As a prop trader, I mainly use trading technologies, and proprietary software for trading and research/backtesting.

I have several old trading techniques that I used to use for day trading that I go into great detail on my "High Probability Trade Setups" post.

I also have recorded videos of my live trading and put them on my youtube channel.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ATS Results

Testing indicators can be a big waste of time, but its a necessary evil. The ATS kicked butt again today. I turned it off 30min before the close.

42 Trades: 28 wins, 14 losses. Net P/L= $391

I lowered the stop from 24pts to 18pts mid-day. I also messed up by not letting the ATS exit a trade with its original exit signal(I put in a different exit signal mid-day), instead of 100-140pts it only got 74pts.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

ATS video from Nov 14


Friday, November 21, 2008

ATS Results

The ATS had another positive day. Making it positive each day this week. I ran the ATS all day today and it took 44 trades. 26 wins, 17 losses, and 1 Breakeven. the avg. win was 90 and the avg loss was -100. I did move the stop a few times during the day on 3 or 4 trades, and I shouldn't have because the trades would have worked better without my intervention. Next week I will be testing out a different exit strategy because as you will see from the Maximum Favorable Excursion Stats, the ATS could've made a lot more pts per trade if the profit target/trailing stop was optimized. I do agree that there is no perfect parameters and that what works one day will not work the next but there is still a lot of work to do on these ATS signals. The buy signal around 12:30 should have gotten 200 to 250 pts easy but only got 11 pts because the trailing stop was too tight. I'm thinking of changing the exit signal parameters for different time periods of the day because the first hour and last hour will be better suited to exit trades based on my exit signals as opposed to my trailing stop method. I'm happy to hear that people are trying the ATS out on there own and having positive results. I look forward to sharing ideas on automated trading and the signals the ATS makes. Also, ustream has been having problems the last 2 days, so it is likely I will be staying with until uStream gets its act together. I did broadcast on both channels today, but I'm planning on making the primary live video feed as long as they keep there servers running with no problems.

Novermber 21 Ustream Server is down

Novermber 21 Ustream Server is down. We are live at the HPT channel.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

ATS work in progress

The ATS is coming along nicely. My current problems are trying to find the best parameters on Bracket Trader for setting the trailing stop and profit protection offsets. Most of the trade signals were correct, but some of the good trades got stopped out around breakeven from the trailing stop getting hit. The question that I will have to continue to test for is how wide of a trailing stop will be most profitable at locking in winning trades without getting stopped out before the move has completed its move.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Automated Trading System Trade Review


Today I ran one of my trading systems on ES. I was surprised to see it positive considering it had 25 losses and only 10 wins. I was glad to see the avg. profit three times bigger than the avg. loss. I set each trade to have a 1pt hard stop on each trade with an exit based off a signal or an 8pt limit target.
I'm still working on a few things but I've been making pretty good progress in determining the best stops for this system. Many of the trades were winners of 3pts of more, only to be stopped out because I set the "exit signal" to far. I also got stopped out on a few trades because I had a time stop set to breakeven after 3 minutes. I will likely get rid of the time stop. I've noticed the majority of the really good trades are winners immediately even with the ATS's crappy entries. Most good trades don't have more than 3 ticks of heat and are in the black within the first 15 seconds. Almost all of the bad trades are stopped out within 10-40 seconds. I will need to work on the entry method for the system and try buying on the bid and selling on the ask instead of using all market orders.

Below you can see the Trade log from bracket trader, the alert log from quotetracker, and some of the signals the ATS took off the ES chart.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

How to make a Free Automated Trading System Video Tutorial

Thanks to Boogster and some other great software, I've created my own Automated Trading System (ATS). Boogster made a very detailed post on how to make an ATS and I decided to make a tutorial video following his guide. If you have a broker that accepts API connections like Interactive Brokers, then you can make this Automated Trading System for Free. Here are the downloads you'll need-

  • Medved Quotetracker
  • - Free Charting Software

  • Bracket Trader
  • - Free Trade Management Software

  • Mailenable
  • - Free Mail Server

  • ActiveState Perl
  • - Free Scripting Software

  • HPT's updated Boogsters ATS Perl Script
  • - An email client that checks your email and enters a trade into Bracket Trader when a new alert is found in QuoteTracker

  • Interactive Broker’s TWS Demo
  • - A Free Demo account with Interactive Brokers

    In the following Video Tutorial I will be going over everything you need to know from the first step of downloading the software all the way to having the ATS make its first live trade.

    HPT's ATS Tutorial Part 1 - Downloading Software Setup

    Part 2 - Installing and Configuring software

    Part 3 - Setting up Quotetracker & ATS Email Tempelate

    Part 4 - Bracket Trader Setup & Live Trade

    Part 5 - ATS Exit Signals & IB Demo Account

    Example of ATS Exit signal working

    I would like to give a special thanks to Boogster for his work on the ATS perl script, Jerry for his awesome charting software QuoteTracker, and larry for his excellent Trade Management software Bracket Trader.

    Monday, November 03, 2008

    ATS is Live

    Thanks to Boogster I got the Automated trading system running. In the next few days I'll be making a tutorial video on it and be making some automated trades live.

    Sunday, November 02, 2008

    Boogters ATS trading system

    I'm trying to get boogsters ATS setup through quotetracker, but I'm having a problem with the perl application. It's suppose to say "running" every 4 seconds, but I get nothing.
    Any ideas/help?
    Streaming Video by Ustream.TV

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