Friday, November 21, 2008

ATS Results

The ATS had another positive day. Making it positive each day this week. I ran the ATS all day today and it took 44 trades. 26 wins, 17 losses, and 1 Breakeven. the avg. win was 90 and the avg loss was -100. I did move the stop a few times during the day on 3 or 4 trades, and I shouldn't have because the trades would have worked better without my intervention. Next week I will be testing out a different exit strategy because as you will see from the Maximum Favorable Excursion Stats, the ATS could've made a lot more pts per trade if the profit target/trailing stop was optimized. I do agree that there is no perfect parameters and that what works one day will not work the next but there is still a lot of work to do on these ATS signals. The buy signal around 12:30 should have gotten 200 to 250 pts easy but only got 11 pts because the trailing stop was too tight. I'm thinking of changing the exit signal parameters for different time periods of the day because the first hour and last hour will be better suited to exit trades based on my exit signals as opposed to my trailing stop method. I'm happy to hear that people are trying the ATS out on there own and having positive results. I look forward to sharing ideas on automated trading and the signals the ATS makes. Also, ustream has been having problems the last 2 days, so it is likely I will be staying with until uStream gets its act together. I did broadcast on both channels today, but I'm planning on making the primary live video feed as long as they keep there servers running with no problems.


Anonymous said...

You rock man for helping us out with the ATS and signals. HPT is finally emotions out and stops in.

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