Sunday, November 30, 2008

ES Volume Profile Chart


Anonymous said...

put on the wife beater and get the ES streaming up?? Without that, you are worthless. So, get the chart up now!!!

Anonymous said...

hi HPT;
Please help, I would like to know how you set up the Volume profile in Quotetracker (under what indicator name)? My second question I wish to know how to set up the chart to track the big trader block. Please kindly help me to set up. if you have already shown anywhere in your website please send me the link so I can watch and setup myself. How can I get to the live chatroom. Thank you. Marie

Dinosaur Trader on 9:17 AM said...


What's going on with this here blog? I heard a rumor it had "gone gay."

This true?


HPT on 11:25 AM said...

Hey DT,
I'm getting less attention now that I make less posts(obviously) and since I stopped making posts about catastrophic blow ups. I've been steadily working on my ATS and signals and my live chat room which is growing. I'm helping out other traders and making some trading friends. Nice to see you stop by, you've been killing it in the markets lately. Way to go. I still check your blog daily.

PS- the blog isn't any gayer than it was before.

Dinosaur Trader on 5:27 PM said...


Ha! Cool.

Glad to see you're still at it. I'll check your trading room this week.


Wahaa on 11:11 PM said...


how you set up the Volume profile in Quotetracker?


HPT on 8:43 AM said...

add "volume by price" as a top indicator, then pick the correct colors to make the "highlight" stand out more then the "bar". You can also change the chart color background by going right clicking the chart and changing "color schemes".

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