Wednesday, December 03, 2008

HPT's QuoteTracker Chart Setup Video Tutorial

QuoteTracker Chart Setup File- (HPT's Basic Chart setup with indicators)

NOTE- If you already have a backup file in QT, save your own BACKUP FILE first(make a copy, paste on desktop, rename it to your liking to go back to at a later time).

If the download above does not work here is the code for the paintbars

here is the buy signal-

if Bar High>bar high[30] and Bar High>bar high[60] and bar low<bar low[7] and bar high>bar high[1] set color to Blue

sell signal-

if bar low<bar low[30] and bar low<bar low[60] and bar low<bar low[1] and bar high>bar high[7] set color to Red

It took me 2 hours to figure out how to paste this code in blogger- Next time I will know I have to use a Parse service and then Block Quote the selected code in order for blogger to display it properly.


Anonymous said...

Thanks HPT, I follow your work with great interest.

All the best from Germany


asisjpg on 11:58 PM said...

I have some interesting & successful trading codes (AFL) in Amibroker--can it be converted into QT PB ?

Another Issue: Your QT trading set-up contains ART Colorbars PB--I know its a proprietary PB of TD Ameritrade--will it work on my QT (YAHOO DATA FEED IN INDIA)? I have TTM SQ like PB--is it same for ART ?
Finally: Do QT support any DEMO data feed like Zen-Fire (in NT) or MT4 (in AB)-?

HPT on 8:45 AM said...

1.It's possible the code can be converted depending how complex it is.
2.Don't worry about using ART paintbars, they aren't anything special.I think they only work of TD clients, however, you can use whatever data source you want in QT's list.
3.The only free data feed QT supports that I know of is ADVFN (its in QT's list, you just have to register on the website).

Unknown on 5:57 PM said...

I downloaded twice and tried to restore but keep getting this error.
Extracting error:
Link to picture of error.

HPT on 11:21 PM said...

please just use the paintbar code posted above until I figure out whats wrong with the QT download.

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