Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Goldman Sachs VS. Joe Blogger

If you haven't read about the www.goldmansachs666.com debacle, hurry, before the website disappears. That is of course unless Mr. Morgan wins his case against Goldmansachs.

Quick summary- Basically this website came up in March 2009, and this guy is bad mouthing Goldmansachs with some good points along the way.

Zero Hedge, another Trading info outlet is suggesting that Quant Trading is deleveraging as more Quant Funds leave the markets. He also expects a total meltdown in the stock market at any moment primarily due to the bounce in the market occurring from program trading done on "lite volume" (SP 500 is above VWAP by 60pts- and most the gains come via morning gap ups and afternoon rallies), and we will have more bankruptcies and continued economic slump from basically all sectors of the economy but most notably Autos and Financials.


Dinosaur Trader on 6:51 PM said...

Nice find... I like how they basically own the "666" franchise now.


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