Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Another Mini Madoff Fraud Alert

I'll some up this juicy story, but I suggest reading the full posts and comments( my comments are most notably the best :>)
So LT (aka Lonely Trader, aka Jason Bourne) found a guy in San Diego that was trading a 10 million dollar forex account at the Currency Cafe (aka Douche Central) and from a few sources sounded to be legit. LT sat with the guy named Lee (aka Mini Madoff) a few times and saw how he traded and was impressed and was about ready to slap down his life savings to the guy (150 dollars or some big number). However, just by chance, a guy that was defrauded by Mini Madoff was looking for his videos on youtube to show to his wife and just by chance stumbled upon LT's "LonelyTrader Blog" where he was telling the blogging community (me, FX, LT, Jules, TraderGav, and a couple other third tier blogs) about his recent encounter with a "Multi Million dollar Hedge fund trader; aka Lee Madoff Young". BAAAMMOO!!!!!!
Mr.Good Samiritan emailed LT and immediatly informed him of the fruad Lee Madoff was.
LT Pulled out his funds from Mini Madoff so fast it was reminescent of the Pullout scene in Debbie does Dallas Part II. The Moral of the story is, Google is like a God,, it saves money and sometimes peoples lives, via search results everyday.

Part 1.Another non-trading trading experience

Part 2.Lee Young, Pt II

Part 3.The Lonely Trader has been duped

Here's Lee Madoff's youtube Channel- He gives away SECRETS!!!!! (ROFL)


Anonymous said...

Oh God. You tell this story so much better than me. Except it was $150K. But it may as well have been $150, 'cause he never saw a red cent of it.

Had I seen those rediculous videos before, I would never even have ventured a visit.

"Central banks don't want me to leak this information to you...BUY GOLD!"

"Ima vigilante trader."


HPT on 11:22 PM said...

I saw the twitter updates, every other tweet is Buy Gold!

Vigilante trader,, its like he's got an unstoppable money making method that some major bank is trying to track him down to steal his secrets.

He looks like a decent guy, like a pilot I know....

PS- I knew it was 150k....I tried to add a little of DT's humor to mix.

bgin2end on 6:37 PM said...

DAMN!!! I wish the video hadn't been removed. I wanted to see this cheese ass so bad and hear him spout his lies. HPT: you make this very serious story very amusing...

I'd like to add you to my blog roll if you don't mind?

See you around!

HPT on 8:56 AM said...

bgin2end, your welcome to add me, you don't have to ask.

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