Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Data Feed comparison InterativeBrokers, Lightspeed Trading, TD Ameritrade

I compared Data feeds on a stock (AAPL) between InterativeBrokers vs Lightspeed Trading vs TD Ameritrade. LightSpeed was the best data feed IMO.


Anonymous said...

and how are their (Lightspeed) charts in your opinion?

HPT on 6:58 PM said...

lightspeeds' charts aren't as cool as quotetrackers', but they are definitely better than IB's. You can't make fancy indicators, but they do have the generic indicators. Lightspeed is more of platform for stock scalpers and traders. It would be nice if they had more 3rd party apps like quotetracker that could connect to their feed. They do have an API which developers and programmers can connect to deploy there own apps/trading systems.

Unknown on 3:24 PM said...

I wrote to Quotetracker support regarding support for faster brokers but it doesn't seem like its in their "to do" list. Here is an email I wrote to them and the response afterwards:

"WIll you be supporting Zenfire/Mirus Futures or Infinity Futures brokers? I need to find a fast, reliable broker that streams Futures data thats compatible with QT.

Are there any other reports comming from other people about IB's unreliable data feed?"

QT Support: Those are not supported.

"I think they should be supported, at least Ninja trader is supporting them and you should improve QT to at least support those brokers that support ninja trader works with and also support automated trading features within QT. IS this planned?"

QT Support: There are no plans for it at this time.


HPT on 11:07 AM said...

It seems traders have lost there voice in getting QT developers to add stuff since they were bought by TDameritrade. There may be an alternative. I'll let you know if I find anything.

Unknown on 2:41 PM said...

Oh thats right... I forgot to factor in the TD factor. Way to fck it up TD... way to fck it up...

Well, my transition to Ninja trader has been slow, but I have been using the SuperDOM interface for all my sim orders for now, it is far better than IB's. The only thing I am adjusting to is the menu system, and obviously indicator development.

How are things now, BTW, Mr. HPT? I am still in the sim but I work otherwise so I can take my time at this.

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