Friday, June 05, 2009

Horse Racing Tick Scalping

Its interesting to see Horse Racing Traders using the same types of tools and techniques that stock traders use, such as using a price ladder to scalp and tick charts with volume for technical analysis.

US residents are restricted from gambling on the Betfair website.


Tina on 3:59 PM said...


I found your blog online and am very impressed by your chart set-up.
Is there anyway that you could share your chart setting? How could I join your blog?

HPT on 8:58 AM said...

Some of my indicators/chart setups are available for free to download from the download link below the page header.

HPT on 10:57 PM said...

the pic your references is made with just 1 indicator, no paintbars. Just set color scheme for the chart to black, add volume by price. Set the bars to light gray and change the highlights to red and lime, and you've got the same thing. The indicator is volume by price which in my opinion is more useful then market profile or TPO. Market Delta's volume footprint is the most advanced type of this type of chart, but they charge $60 or something per month to use it.

HPT on 10:59 PM said...

I deleted your last comment so your email wouldn't be visible to everyone else.

Tina on 8:20 PM said...

That is very nice of you! I got it and thank you very much!

Tina on 11:56 AM said...

Hi, this is Holly again.
I found it is really interesting to read Block Trade Signals.

Is there a way that you could share how you made the paintbar?



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