Thursday, June 11, 2009

Quotetracker Chart Settings

In order to display some charts correctly in Quotetracker I change my Chart Preference settings. For example the spike filter is changed to 999. Look at the picture for more detail.


Tina on 9:56 AM said...


Is that the only thing that I need to do to set NYSE:$AD-NYSE right?

Now I have the same configuration as yours, but I still get the same wrong display.

On the other hand, my tick,vix,and other symbols are working great.


HPT on 2:09 PM said...

Hit ctrl + shift + H until the price spikes are gone. Also data must be collected in realtime

Tina on 2:36 PM said...

okay, let me try it next Monday. Thanks!

By the way, I was watching your set-up at:

Is it possible for you to share those paintbar settings? The letters are too small for me to read in youtube.
Thanks and have a nice weekend.

HPT on 8:40 PM said...

Regarding the indicators, I'm keeping those for myself for now, but may release them in the future. You may want to search this site for indicators and download my basic quotetracker settings from the download section for now.

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