Monday, August 03, 2009

Where have all the Trading Blogs Gone?

A lot of the blogs I use to read of real traders are gone. I'm glad to hear Dinosaur trader is doing well and Trader Jules is still at it.
I was just reading an old blog that several of us older traders collaborated on, called the TRADING AXIOM, and I was surprised at how good some of the posts were.
I'm not sure where the trading Axiom traders all went(Prospectus, LP, and where is Mr White Folks?), but if you are out there, leave me a comment, I'd like to know how your doing.(I know prospectus quit, but still wondering what he's up to).
I think many would like to know how Traders Bubs, and the 2 guys at 10k thrown away are doing since going away last year.Even though these guys may not be trading, I'd still like to hear how they are doing. There are many others out there I didn't mention. Anyone got any good Trading Blogs they want to share?

Update- Thanks for the comments and updates guys.

I'd like to start the Trading Axiom again if anybody is interested, let me know.
I've got some material focused on market statistics that I'm going to be sharing either way.
highprobabilitytrading AT


Anonymous said...

Denarii on 7:14 AM said...

mine is good and a live - barely - :)

HPT on 8:25 AM said...

Glad to hear your daughter is doing much better.

Adrian on 8:42 AM said...

Prospectus is on twitter and he started a new blog.

HPT on 8:50 AM said...

Is this the old Tyro from a year or two ago,, who decided to stop blogging publicly and got in occasional arguments with Richard?
I liked your posts, would like to read what your stuff.
Thanks for the link on Prospectus.

Adrian on 9:10 AM said...

HPT - good to see my rep lives on :)

I'm still swing trading and running a few automated trading bots. I'm currently supposed to be working on another strategy but it makes my head hurt so I'm taking a break.

Blogging seemed to get me focused on the wrong things and I've done much better after dropping it. I notice that your frequency & subject matter has changed a lot over the past couple years and you seem much more chill & relaxed. Is that a carefully constructed illusion or is there something going on?

HPT on 9:33 AM said...

While some people may have liked the posts about my daily ups and downs, I didn't like the unprofessional matter in how I presented myself. I would much rather provide content that may be helpful to others than just my daily rants and charts with me explaining why I would make my trades, most my trades had no good reasoning behind them, it was more of a matter in how I managed them that provided me with a positive outcome. Talk to ya later.

Max Andronichuk on 5:40 PM said...

I just came across this blog, im trying to find some more trader blogs, im pretty new to blogging.

Just set up a basic blog based on Elliot Wave analysis, guys please feel free to check out my counts, targets and analysis. All comments are VERY welcome. I cannot stress that enough. I am pretty new to the trading game, and really appreciate the comments and views of other traders. Whether you think Elliot Wave is a voodoo art, or you think my counts are wrong, please check it out.

Jules on 7:55 AM said...

I love your old posts, HPT. There's nothing unprofessional about them. You were very detailed in explaining your setups and in spelling out your objectives and goals. Anyone starting out thinking that trading is an easy way to earn quick money should read them. By the way, did you change your blogger setting? My new blog's not capturing your updates (not reflecting on my blogroll)...

HPT on 1:56 PM said...

I think my old blog was good for a lot of newbies to learn from.
I made a custom blogger template and now people don't get my updates in there RSS readers, I spent a little time working on it, but it still doesn't work. I'll look into once I start actively blogging again.

ainkurn on 8:10 PM said...

Hey HPT. It's been a while since I have been in the trading blog arena. Glad to know that I haven't been completely forgotten. Tradeitup and I are working on doing an update post to the blog before the weekend. When we get them up I'll let you know.


HPT on 12:13 AM said...

Hey Ainkurn, Looking forward to your post.Hope all is well.

Thomas on 6:44 PM said...

Just looking at your blog and came across this post. I have started a new trading blog. about 5 months and I am now ready ready to start mingling with the online community.
Not a day trader yet (but will be this year) I am focusing more on medium-term trading, with weekly updates to my blog portfolio.
Stop by if you have the time, I am always interested in feedback.

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