Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Learn from the Good trading days

Some of my trades from the day from IB and TS. IB has a nice feature which shows your trades and plots the P/L as a line chart underneath similar to Tradestation's "strategy equity" indicator. I traded the first 3 hours and the last hour. Obviously I should have held my Euro short longer into the afternoon to reap more profits. My trade execution could have been better judging by comparing my signals to my manual entries.

IB YM Trades

IB EURO Trades

IB NQ Trades

IB Gold Trades

QT Full YM chart

Tradestation YM Trades

Tradestation FULL CHART


FX on 11:52 PM said...

Like in the old days, charts and p&l.
Maybe you could write summary how's your trading going from infamous days till now for us that are not following you in a chatroom.

HPT on 11:22 PM said...

I would love to do charts and P/L like the old days. I'm super busy, so its hard to make posts. Its actually pretty easy to broadcast, all I have to do is setup the webcam. I've been busy working on my ATS, work, family, and enjoying life. My goal is to have the ats trading stocks next year, provided its profitable. Also contemplating tracking the ats through covester. Nice to hear from you FX, many of the trading bloggers have disappeared throughout the years.

FX on 2:10 AM said...

Yeah I understand. You've been working very long on ATS, I hope that it work out nicely.
It's true about trading bloggers, you are here four years, me full three. I really enjoyed many good trading blogs that aren't around any more. I also believe that reading others and writing blog helped me in my trading, so it's really positive experience.

Jules on 11:26 PM said...

You have a chat room, HPT? Is it the live video you used to show on your blog?

Great to see you posting!! :-)

HPT on 11:55 PM said...

Yes, I've had a live chat room broadcasting my charts and music, and sometimes my commentary for the last year. The last couple months I haven't been consistently broadcasting, but I'm trying to start broadcasting consistently again. Also, I'm going to blog my results when I have time. You and any other traders are welcome to join me in my room, the more eyes on the market the better, plus we both trade the same products (futures and stocks/etf's). Glad to hear from you Jules.

Jules on 7:57 PM said...

I'd love to join you in your chatroom, HPT. I haven't been active during US hours but starting Jan, I will trade less globex and more US session. Yes, we trade the same instruments. I love the 6E and oil for volatility and ETF for the lower risk/leverage. But I can hardly hold 2 positions at a time. I'm still not there yet :-)

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