Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TICK ZOOM - new trading platform, better then NinjaTrader?

TickZOOM - A new trading Platform claiming to be better the NinjaTrader and Tradestation

Here is a comparison chart from there website-


For the Price, I think I will stay with Tradestation/NinjaTrader/Multicharts.


Michael on 8:02 PM said...

A $1,000 / month for TickZOOM seems like a scam, much less a working product...

Has anyone even gotten a working copy of their beta?

Also, can you add AmiBroker to this chart?


Anonymous said...

I can hardly believe they also have the ordasity to use also say it is Open Source, yet charge like a wounded bull for the product, with also using a Free Website Wiki as a homepage, What a JOKE~!

Unknown on 8:21 AM said...

About AMIBroker, we simply need someone who knows AMIBroker well to answer the facts and we can add it at the tickzoom site.

Institutional customers never consider AMIBRoker which is why it's not on the list above. At least non every requested a comparison from one. In contrast all the platforms on the comparison are used by fund managers of varying sizes.

Anyway, here's perhaps some assistance in comparing between TickZoom and AMIBroker.

Most people ask about performance comparison with AMIBroker.

While there aren't any side-by-side benchmarks, here are some facts that may help.

1. AMIBroker doesn't natively support ticks. It treats a tick as a bar and so open/high/low/close are actually fields like bid/ask/last, etc. That creates some major limitations and rules it out for institutions. TickZoom handles ticks naturally and extremely fast. So it wins hands down at tick processing.

2. AMIBroker uses very fast single-thread technology so it's probably comparable in performance to TickZOOM on a single CPU.

3. However, AMIBroker continues to only use a single CPU on multi-core machines for either historical testing, real time processing of data, or optimization. In contrast, TickZOOM very smoothly utilizes multi-cores for all three. Plus it has some advanced parallel features which often multiply the effect of multi-cores. So a 4 core cam run your optimization more than 4 times faster for optimizations.

Other than that, you'll generally find that TickZoom was built ground up for fully automated trading so it will constantly win in any automated trading capability comparison. But tickzoom as ZERO ability to enter or trade manually although there's some discussion for adding that later.

AMIBroker support for auto trading was added later so it tends to excel in manual trading and assited automation.

Unknown on 9:05 AM said...

This is Wayne, owner of TickZoom.

TickZoom is waiting to release any kind of community or FREE
version until the end of beta. Beta will officially end around
September 1, 2010,

Also, the $1,000/month and $2,000/month are institutional prices.
Currently, during beta, only intitutional customers are accepted
to assist with beta testing. You may be surpised companies pay
that much for a system still in beta. That itself tells you that
TickZoom has powerful features for automated trading that are
impossible to find in any other platform.

After that their will probably be a completely FREE community
version that allows both testing and trading without cost but has
limited support from TickZoom. For any questions, users will go
to public sites like stackoverflow.com

The free version would be limited to only 4 symbols.

Paid support with an SLA will be available as an add-on at something
more affordable for individuals. There will be graduated prices
going up from there for fewer limitations.

There might be another free version depending on demand which
allows unlimited symbols but only 4 strategy instances.
This will benefit "scanner" type strategies.

Hope this answers questions about pricing.


Again, this is Wayne, owner of TickZoom.

The reason AMIBroker never appears in comparisons is because
none of the beta users of TickZoom or myself every used AMIBroker.

Still, the most frequently asked question for comparison is

Here are some facts that can help with that.

1. AMIBroker uses very fast code for handling data using a single
CPU. The two platforms will be very near in performance on a single
CPU machine. That's based on anecdotal discussion with others who
use TickZoom--not a benchmark.

2. AMIBroker never benefits from multi-core CPUs for historical testing,
optimization, but apparently it does use multithreads some for real time
data handling. In contrast, TickZoom fully support multi-core CPUs so
if your optimization takes 4 minutes on a single-core it will run more
than 4 times faster on a quad-core. Why "more than 4 times"? TickZOOM
has some advanced features of optimization that often multiply the
effect of multi-core CPUs. This also makes TickZoom able to handle
far more symbols in real time processing (thousands) compared
to AMIBroker.

3. TickZoom has native support for raw ticks as well as bar from
with strategies and indicators. AMIBroker in contrast treats
ticks are bars so that open/high/low/close represent fields like
bid/ask/last, etc. That creates limitations. Since TickZoom
is extremely fast at over 250,000 ticks per second on a single
core 32 bit machine (faster on 64 bit) then it wins hands-down
to AMIBroker for ticks.

4. TickZoom support 64 bit for optimization and historical and so
does AMIBroker so this improves perfomance. During beta TZ was
identified to have an issue with 64 bit for real time processing
but that will be fixed prior to end of beta.


Anonymous said...

I think NextGen or something is about $10k for ownership, and FutureScalper is about $1500 per year with genuinely new technology. Prices vary greatly. Charles.

Anonymous said...

AmiBroker can do everything and I know many funds using the technology, TickZoom does not include AB on this list because they know well that their package is inferior and basically a scam to suck in uninformed clients.

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