Monday, May 09, 2011

Delta Footprint Charts

The key move occurred at 8:46am (11:46am EST).

Cumulative Delta goes negative @ 8:46, then price reverses and goes higher past negative Delta price level. MELT UP!

The Cum. Delta started dropping at 842.5 at a key reversal time period 11:45am (2:45pm EST)


Joe on 9:29 AM said...

HPT - can I see a list of your key-reversal times?

HPT on 1:07 PM said...

mainly, europe close, crude oil pit close, sometimes 10:30am est.

Value Investing Store on 11:31 AM said...

I guess you're still at it then? That's great man! Where do you get the Delta charts for Ninja?

HPT on 12:02 PM said...

its from a vendor- Market Balance from

HPT on 12:02 PM said...
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