Friday, November 30, 2012

Day Trader Evolution

Over the years many discretionary traders have moved on to other jobs. Today's traders have evolved into trading from a more quantitative/automated approach. Trading volume the last 3 years has been decreasing and the ability to scalp the emini's has been increasingly difficult for discretionary traders. I was checking out my old but popular Trading Blogs list and found that most of the blogs have vanished or the authors stopped posting around 2009. I would like to link some new interesting blogs and trading related websites that I checkout frequently.

ZeroHedge - The main author who calls himself by the popular fictitious movie character; "Tyler Durden", from the movie Fight Club, and various other authors report the news. They also have a separate live news reporting broadcast(Talking Forex). They report some good information, but take everything they write with a grain of salt and try not turning into a doom and gloom fan or gold bug.

Quantum Blog - A quiet matlab / algorithmic trading blog that discusses his backtesting results. He also authors the blog Trading with Python.

Milk Trader - Another aspiring automated trader that writes about his coding in "R" and shares backtest results from various strategies he's tested; the breakfast spread is my favorite.

Quantifiable Edges - A long standing blog that shares a plethora of backtest results from Gap trades to day of the week probabilities.

Systematic Investor - A systematic approach to trading focusing on long/short strategies, technical analysis and lots of code samples with backtest results.

Timely Portfolio - Another R blog with lots of backtests and strategy discussion.

Mebane Faber - A portfolio manager at Cambria Investment Management shares his model and discusses strategies and trends.

Quantitative Trading - Ernest Chan's blog on trading strategies.

Condor Options - Lots of good articles on options, spreads, and volatility.

I am futures Trader - Chris, an independent trader gives his take on the market and setups he's looking at.

Michael Covel - Lots of good interviews from professional traders and trend following strategy information.

Automated Trading System - Trend following systems and performance results as well as free code.

Automated Trader - A website with articles, news, videos and more on everything automated.

Learning Markets - Great articles on trading.

Scarr Visual Trading - Spread charts, some free, most for a subscription. The ability to compare up to 5 years at a time on a spread from one year vs another is nice. Now if only someone made a website with historical term structure charts going back 10 years.

Quantpedia - A new website made from the guys at FinFiz that provides proven trading strategies (mostly taken from white papers) and lets you decide which one to trade, with a subscription of course. Not that expensive if you consider the alternatives to spending hours scouring finance journals, algotradinggroup forum or SSRN.



PICS on 3:13 PM said...

HPT, nice to see you posting again.
Bigwaverider from DTRS.

Riyad on 10:22 PM said...

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eyalmaoz on 9:23 PM said...

Blogging seems to be a lot less popular these days. People post on twitter and facebook. Also the attrition in the markets play a part. What about you, how's your trading these days?

HPT on 9:38 AM said...

Hi guys,
I've been trading at a prop firm for a couple years. Always looking for more ways to make money.

Curtis on 1:28 PM said...

I feel that most trading bloggers stopped after Dr. Steenbarger quit traderfeed or went commercial. The dual 2008 washout and then 2009 meltup also wiped out many traders.

There are some good blogs but most are economic now or quant centric.

I'm not sure how many traders are still trading discretionary. For those that are, I just released a platform I think will benefit any ES discretionary trader. We have free trial available for anyone who wants to try. HPT if you trade ES still and want to write a review up on it then contact us at support.

Nexus on 1:04 AM said...

There are some good website for review if you are interested in forex broker online trading

AI on 8:52 AM said...

Hey, HPT. Remember when we tweaked Boogster's pearl script. Hope your prop trading is going well. I'm still using Quotetracker and Boogster automated trading setup. The guy was ahead of his time. And you can't beat the price. Best Regards.

HPT on 7:48 AM said...

I didn't think QT was still working. Glad to hear its still working with the ATS.
Good luck to you.

Kim on 12:01 PM said...

Condor Options is not available anymore. You might consider replacing it with

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