Wednesday, April 30, 2008

FSLR earnings are Faded

FSLR- The gap up- fade trade. FSLR had earnings this morning. Wish I faded this gap.
Gold long scalps (I partly based my long scalp on oil getting support)

My first trade on Crude was bad. My second scalp was decent.
Airlines seem to move the most right after the open.
Finally got a good signal on AAPL, I should have held half for my buy signal.


I'm keeping size down today as I'm not very good at trading FOMC days.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

V stands for Visa, not Vendetta

The stock of the day was V, or as I like to call,
V and MA were hot stocks to trade today. I sold V way too soon. Ouch!

Meanwhile all the Ag stocks continued there sell off. I should have held that PUT option on POT from a couple weeks back.

Saw some support in Crude Oil so I got a LONG scalp on XOM.

Signals on YM worked good today-

I sold FSLR WAY TOO SOON, should have scaled out of my long better.

This stock gapped down big in the morning and was on my scanner, however volume lacked so I only stayed around for a small scalp.

Good signals on ER2, should have entered with 2 contracts and scaled out based on my signals.

Got impatient with this trade and Oil was beginning to bounce, so I exited early.

Saw support in Crude Oil so I shorted Dug, this was a good trade.

I wasn't brave enough to trade Crude Oil even though my signals looked good.

My signals on AAPL always seem to work, I just need to be more patient.

My Trades


Monday, April 28, 2008

Trading Famous People

What people would you buy or short if you could trade them?
This week, I will go over some of my Top trades for Famous Rap singers-


THE WEED TRADE- As you can see in this video Luda has a lot of weed. As we all know weed is very important to a rappers game. With Luda's large inventory I expect him to "GET HIGH".


Lil Wayne-
THE GLOVE TRADE- In his new Video you will notice he is wearing a black glove on his right hand...You may remember Michael Jackson acquired "THE GLOVE" around the height of his career as well.
Also, LIL WHEEZE,,,has had to resort to using "THE VOICE BOX",,,,,unfortunately, we still can't understand what he's saying with this added device.

Where are food Prices headed?

Got Rice?

With all the media coverage surrunding the price of agricultural foods, you may be interested in a fairly new ETF that you can use to trade the Ags.

DBA is an ETF that you may be interested in if you want to get in on the Agriculture craze. Here are DBA's top holdings.

Does DBA have a head and shoulders pattern?

Friday, April 25, 2008

Trading Blogs and links

I notice who's reading. If your blog is cool I'll add you too.

Momentum Trader


Stock Logic

InteractiveBrokers Collegiate Trading Olympiad Winners
(Wow, the top 2 winners turned 100k into over 2 million in a couple months!)

Dino makes a post on how trading has changed since migrating to the NYSE hybrid system.

Ever wonder what Oil and Metal prices are doing in Tokyo before the US open. Checkout Tokyo Commodity Exchange.

How to use NYSE TICK during the trading day

The Shark Report Trading Blog

Investing Ideas Blog

What is high implied volatility from THE VIX & MORE.

Seeing what Misstrade is doing-

Robbie Williams- Millenium

Have a Great Weekend- I'm having FUN tonight!

Oil Spikes on pipeline attack


We are up about $5 from the lows yesterday.
There were reports of attacks on a Nigerian oil pipeline.
I'm so glad I got out of that short position. I guess I should have reversed and gone long, but I shouldn't be trading Crude Oil in the first place because I dont have any edge trading it and it is one of the most volatile futures contracts to trade. With swings of 3-6 dollars intraday ($3-6,000 on 1 contract), you better know what your doing when trading crude oil.
No trading from me today. I'm ridding my bike to work and working on my trading plan.
Have a good day.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

How to Trade Crude Oil Futures and energy stocks

This is basically what I watch when trading oil stocks, crude oil futures, and gold futures.
Right Monitor setup-
Look for inverse relationship between XLE and SMH- (oil vs Tech)
Oil Daily chart
XLE- Fib levels
Watch the Euro- (Stronger US Dollar can be bearish for metal and energy futures)
Watch for inverse relationship between Airline stocks and Oil stocks.
Brent Crude oil futures
Light Sweet Crude Oil futures-
Gold Futures-
Natural Gas Futures
Gasoline Futures-

HPT's new Mascot

To withstand the pain that the market brings some times, I look to the ultimate warrior for inspiration....


Oil Falls over $3 and HPT.....

It's about DAM TIME!
Holding this trade for 4 days was a stressful experience.

Volume Profile Analysis BABY!
I had exited in the $114.60-115 range based on the volume gap I saw.

Here's the action as it unfolded-

Overall, I put on a bad trade on Monday that I should have taken a loss on when Crude Oil rallied into the close. However, due to the fact that Oil had been up 13/14days at the time, I felt compelled to hold this trade thru some pain in order get the pullback that I expected. Next time, USE THOSE STOPS, no matter how ridiculous and overvalued a stock or futures contract looks.

Apr 24 early morning update

In order for the Bears to gain some strength, Crude Oil needs to break the $116 support level.

Euro testing last week lows-

Gold testing $900 support level-

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Energy Update

Gasoline Futures to new highs-
Gold is going down and Energy market is going up? Is this a new hedge fund strategy?
Short metals, long energy?
Gas is causing all Airlines to go out of business-
Euro pulling back from record highs- Is XLE going to pull back?

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