Sunday, August 31, 2008



If your a fan of Art or your looking for some cool wallpaper for your computer, check out DeviantArt. I bring this up because I use some of the prints for my wallpaper.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Freaky Friday's

It amazes me the challenges we face as humans. The majority of us are ADDICTED to life and we will do whatever it takes to survive.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Tokyo Trader is officially tying the knot. The last wedding I went to was ages ago. The Bride was the highlight of the wedding, everyone couldn't seem to take there eyes off of her necklace......

Light trading


Yes, I still trade. From the charts, I was watching my trade signals in conjunction with block trades. The block trades on ER2 really pinpointed the reversals. I've noticed block trades tend to work good for reversals when NYSE A/D has hit resistance/support levels and on NYSE TCIK extremes. I sold too soon on the 11:14 reversal; for some reason my quotes went blank, so I closed the position.

Bond Futures look like we are nearing a resistance point. Treasury bond yields will likely go higher.

Pornstar Thursdays

We got a winner.


(From Wikipedia)
Corrie Floris[2] (born December 23, 1975), professionally known as Sky Lopez, is a former American pornographic actress and model, who is now an aspiring hip hop artist.

Since entering the porn industry in 1999, Lopez has both acted and directed pornographic films, as well as being employed under exclusive contracts with Vivid Entertainment (making her a Vivid Girl) and Shane's World Studios. Lopez was also nominated for a 2005 AVN award for Best All-Girl Sex Scene for her role in High Desert Pirates.[3]

Despite her popularity Lopez decided to retire in 2005. She has denounced the adult entertainment industry as being "...a long, exhausting, emotional winding road that leads to nowhere but self destruction"..."a very ugly world. Not one I would recommend for anyone." [1]

Lopez retired to become a hip-hop artist and is currently known by her new stage name Sky "Spring Break" Lopez. She is now a devout Christian.

Name that Pornstar. I'll give you guys a hint, she's retired.

Alright, here's another hint-

Her first name might be one of these stocks-

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

FDIC worries

FDIC failed bank list

FDIC quarterly bank profiles

Credit Spreads Getting Worse

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rick Roll Remix

Today was the lowest volume day of the year in the stock market.

I thought it was funny.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Time to buy?

Well the dow goes up one week, and back the next, its been like this for months, however I see some big swing trading setups on the horizon.
I think the long term outlook on bonds yields going up is good. I also think the Dow could bounce 1000pts back to 12,500. The commodity energy trade is probably over now that we are headed into winter season (that's what common sense would think). I'm not sure if the FED is going to raise interest rates anytime soon now. With the Economy still weak, it is very likely they will keep rates unchanged for awhile until demand picks up in the housing market. We are entering the weakest period of the year for housing sales, so I'm sure there will be a lot of ugly headlines to come this fall regarding housing. I'm a strong believer Mortgage rates will be much higher this time next year as with interest rates, so my long term outlook is higher yields on bonds.

In order to magnify whats been going on in the markets, I've compared a chart of the 5yr bond (inverted and mirrored) vs. FXI (China stock ETF)



Sunday, August 24, 2008

Family Guy

Special message to Stripper Haters

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Sinners Guide to saving money

7 ways to save money.This article sucks IMO, so I've come up with my own.

***The Sinners guide to Saving money***
1.Avoid making good friends (the less friends you have the less birthday presents you have to buy)
2.Break up with your girlfriend before Valentines day/ Christmas (you'll save a lot)

3.Only go to the strip club on 2-for-Tuesdays (2 songs for the price of 1 in the VIP, also don't forget the red light specials)

4.Buy your clothes at the salvation army (There are some nice finds there, plus if you go on holidays everything is half off)

5.Live in your parents house as long as possible (it saves rent money and you get to much off food and utilities)
6.Don't buy automobile insurance (Insurance is for dumb rich people, just ask any Mexican)

7.Get Drunk before going out to the club (The drinks are way to expensive at the club, always use a D.D., we don't want any more MAD mothers)

8.Buy your liquor at the Dollar tree store, its cheap (an alternative is buying large bottles of Listerine mouth wash)

9.Get your condoms from the local college health clinic (they give them away for free, sure beats 7 buck for a box of Trojans)

10.Don't buy music (Downloading music illegally is much easier and cheaper)

11.Don't go to church (you'll save gas and won't look like a cheap bastard when you pass the offering)

12.Don't buy porn (why do you think God invented the internet)

Comments are turned back on. Yeppie!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Commodity Bounce

Well it was bound to happen. The question is, whether the bounce in commodities will have legs and keep crawling up to new highs for Gold and Crude Oil, or if this pop is simply a bounce in a down trending market. With tensions seen again in financials it is logical to see this bounce happen, but we will all have to wait and see what happens.

The Euro bounced

Gold bounced 50pts off its lows. Its interesting to hear the difference in commercials for gold right now. Right now I'm hearing commercials telling people to cash in their gold jewelry for cash, where as when gold was near its highs I was hearing commercials telling people to trade commodities like gold.

Crude Oil September contract expired and the new front month contract saw a big pop.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Worlds Fastest Man

Usain Bolt (Jamaica)

The Jamaican wunderkind hurtled to his second world record and his second Olympic gold medal, finishing the 200-meter race in 19.30 seconds to break Michael Johnson’s 12-year-old mark. In doing so he became the first man ever to break the world record in both the 100 and 200 at the same Olympics and the first since Carl Lewis in 1984 to win the sprint double. (yahoo sports)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Before he Trades Again


Monday, August 18, 2008

Trading aint easy

Fishing ain't easy either. No matter what the sport or game there are bound to be errors.

- Watch more free videos

Friday, August 15, 2008

Worst Trading Call Ever


I sure hope people use good stops. I made probably the worst trading call ever on Gold last week. I took my loss on it a few days ago. Gold has dropped over 200 dollars in less than a month. THAT IS HUGE! If you bought gold this year, you are now in the red. WOW! Crude Oil is holding up relatively well. But the metals are getting destroyed as money is flowing into the US dollar and out of GOLD and metals.

The Euro is below 1.47.

Bernanke and Co. must be laughing now. They saved the banks by banning naked short selling. Oil has dropped 30 dollars. Commodities and Ag's are plummeting. And the US dollar is close to its yearly high. All this has happened in 1 MONTH. Major REVERSALS happening in Forex, commodities, and Financial stocks. Beware though, this is OPEX week, so we could see a sharp bounce/reversal in these markets soon.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Goldman Sachs analysts are now saying long US dollar. A few months ago they said Long Oil. And 2 months ago they were telling investors to short Citigroup when it was trading at $17. Tomorrow is OPEX Friday. It's interesting to see peak Volatility and market reversals the last 2 years happening in July/August.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Range Day

Market profile of a range day. Selling upper value areas and buying lower value areas would have worked good today.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Daily Charts


The US dollar has rallied hard against all the other major currencies this week. Gold is around 875 and Crude Oil is hovering around $120. It seems the bullishness in the US dollar has helped support a bounce in US stocks and a drop in commodities. I'm remaining neutral / bullish on Stocks until the Euro bounces. At these levels, I'm watching Gold closely for a bounce.

Major Themes

38% Fib Retrace on Gold
Euro at bottom of monthly channel
30yr bonds went to auction today, ZB shot up pretty hard.

I'm looking at taking possible long positions in Gold and Euro at these levels. The Euro has been getting demolished the last couple weeks. I'm also neutral on ZB short term and Long term bearish.


Daily chart of SPY : 38% fib, Critical level here.

Position update-I closed my overnight YM short when I got home from work around close to midnight near the lows and made a video while talking to J on ustream.

Things to do-
Since I started the online chat(2 days now) I've done a bad job of trading. My goal is to get back into trading off my signals and keeping an eye on internals. I will going off my YM chart signals and NYSE A/D and NYSE TICK for market breadth.

If you guys have suggestions for the Live Trading room leave a comment. We could listen to Bloomberg for the first 2 hours of market open if you prefer. I'm just use to CNBC, even with all their bullshit and shenanigans.

I'm disabling comment moderation, so comments can be seen while I'm away at work or at da GYM. If any of you shit heads start up I'll put moderation back on.

Today we have an auction of the 30yr bond. Yesterday we had the 10yr auction. I was really wondering why bonds were selling off so hard in the morning and I'm guessing this was the main reason. We may see a repeat in bearishness in ZB during the first half of the morning. (Tentative treasury auction calendar)

I went to the Motley Crue concert Tuesday night and it was awesome. I'll make a post about it later. I was surprised to see that Papa Roach was one of the best bands playing. They fucking rocked.(So did Motley Crue, Tommy Lee was funny).Here is a video of them in a music video at what looks to be the CME SP pits.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Well, I'm sucking on my stops since I started this Ustream chat, but I'm going to keep at it. Thanks to all the guys in the room, we had some good traders in the room. Cal Trader, ipopgoog, Brut, Alex. I sucked it up today but I ended the day positive. I'm holding a short on YM overnight. Looking for a retrace to possibly 11,400 or lower. Hopefully FNM gets demolished tomorrow, but who knows, we could gap higher a billion points for some bullshit reason. ES hit 1290 today, 1900+ on NQ, but YM couldn't tap that 11,700, but got dam close.
Later Guys.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bad Day

Well, today I streamed live, and I had my worst day in a month. I Lost over 4k. I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully, having a better handle on things. I'm short ER2 and long EURO overnight. I'd be glad if I ended the week breakeven but that is pretty unlikely due to todays big loss.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Live Trading Video

Check it out, I'm live People, Come chat and trade with me.

Live streaming video by Ustream

Day TraderRockStar Show

Each Day I keep getting hits from people at the DayTraderRockStar show, looking for my blowup video. Besides that factoid, the show streams some of the futures contracts like ES and QM, has CNBC commentary in the background, has a large number of active traders, and it looks interesting. Who knows, maybe if I got off my lazy butt I could start my own show for those interested in trading my style. Who knows, I may even have a live on air BLOW UP! Seriously though, Leave the smart ass remarks to yourself, and if there are some people interested in my potential trading show, leave a comment.

The DayTraderRockStar was made by this guy-

He's been around for awhile. There is growing population of Traders starting up there own YouTube videos, live chats, and live TV shows.

Aug 4 Setup day for FOMC announcement

Right now my next trading goal is to make a ratio indicator between various stock future indices to work on developing a spread trading strategy similar to the one described at the CME website. I'm still day trading my current style, but this is just a side project I'm working on.

Today I pretty much missed all the major swings. I didn't think there was going to be a big move after 8am, but I'm fine with the decisions I made today.

CNBC is reporting some hedgefund blewup in the natural gas arena, so that may be the cause of the selloff in Crude Oil and the commodities. It seems like that happens frequently around this time of year.

My scalps from today (I wasn't at my computer on the afternoon pop, but caught some it after the fact)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

FOMC week

We have the next FOMC meeting on Tuesday at 11:15am EST.
Most expect no change in interest rates.
I expect one swift move in the markets on Monday, which will be the setup day for Tuesday; which normally is a day filled with Chop and short bursts of volatility as the market reacts to the latest from the FOMC interest rate decision.

30yr bond and Euro

4 Central Banks Set to Announce This Week (from ForexFactory)
There are four central banks (AUD, USD, GBP & EUR) due to report this week on interest rate targets. Most analysts seem to be looking for no actual changes this time around but that does not mean that the market won't respond to the statements accompanying the releases. There is a great deal of sensitivity to these releases considering the recent surprise from the RBNZ and market volatility over the last week. Considering these reports, I see no reason why this volatility would decline this week.

Besides the releases from the central banks, the market is preparing for a continuation of last week's trend in favor of the USD. The affect here may be driven by a response to the J-curve. The J-curve describes the relationship a devalued currency has with its export growth. As the USD falls in value, cheaper exports from the US should rise in demand. This increase in export demand was somewhat in evidence with the preliminary GDP report from last week. Ultimately the curve predicts that demand for the exporting currency should eventually rise, which may be what is happening currently. This is an important week for the short term future of a stronger USD as it sits against resistance after failing to break highs from June and May on Friday. A break here could mean the longer term effects of the J-curve are starting to take effect and a strong USD trend is in play.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Aug 1 2008 Trading, Choppy with lots of news events

Even though the day was choppy, there were some great scalping opportunities for Day Traders.
There was a considerable divergence in strength seen in the Russell 200o compared to the SP500 the last 2 days.
For the week, the SP500 finished up 0.56% & the Russell 2000 finished up 1%.
2yr bond future ZF vs. Dow Jones future YM.
I traded the first 2 hours, catching a good long off the bottom and a good short on ZB playing an inverse pair strategy between bonds and stocks.
I use the simulator account to place trades to get a better feel for which contracts may be a better long or short.

Checkout TokyoTrader for a recap on July's Virtual Office Performance.

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