Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Market for California IOUs

Banks may have stopped accepting California's IOUs, but a new market for buying and selling such warrants has launched through the SecondMarket service. How does it work? Stacey Delo has the interview.From MarketWatch

Bernie Madoff Countdown Clock

I made a Bernie Madoff Countdown clock after seeing it on Letterman tonight.

About 150 years to go, maybe only 130 if he's good.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Emerging Market Spotlight - China - Bloomberg


Strong Demand still in railroads, coal, water, oil, and agriculture commodities.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What happened to the Budweiser Wassup guys?

Remember the good old days-

This is them in 2008, the part where Dookie looks at his stocks is hilarious-

What are you Blogging about Video?


What are they blogging about? Personality, topic and motivation in blogs

Alastair J. Gill

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

CME Futures news

Its been a long time now since the CME bought out CBOT, but now the CBOT is officially going to be decommissioned sometime during the middle of this month.

The CME is also increasing the TICK increment on Bond futures to help improve liquidity. I'm wondering how brokers will adjust margin requirements on bond futures after this change in TICK increment.
CME Group, the world's largest and most diverse derivatives exchange, today announced plans to increase the minimum trading increment for U.S. Treasury Bond futures to 1/32nd from the current setting of 1/2 of 1/32nd, effective August 30. The change will be applied to all expiration months. The minimum trading increments for futures intermonth and intercommodity spreads as well as options will be unchanged. This contract is listed with, and subject to, the rules and regulations of CBOT.
The CME is also making changes to the S&P Financial SPCTR Index and the S&P Technology SPCTR Index futures contracts.
CME Group, the world's largest and most diverse derivatives exchange, announced today that the multiplier for the S&P Financial SPCTR Index and the S&P Technology SPCTR Index futures contracts will each double to $250 times the index price beginning Monday, July 27. Along with the increase in the contract multiplier, the new minimum tick size will also double to $25.00 per contract. These contracts are listed with, and subject to, the rules and regulations of CME.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Goldman Sachs Secrets Revealed

Over the weekend Goldman Sachs had an ex-employee "accidentally collect" some files that contained the codes to Goldman Sachs Automated Trading System.
From CNBC-
The criminal case began to unfold on the evening of July 3, when Aleynikov was arrested by FBI agents at Newark Airport after returning from Chicago. Aleynikov apparently had just started a job with another big firm in Chicago after leaving his previous employer in New York in early June. It appears that the financial institution allegedly victimized by Aleynikov had alerted federal authorities that its former employee might be up to no good.
The Accused thief's name is Sergey Aleynikov-
Part of his LinkedIn Profile-

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Unemployment June 2009- Rises to 9.5%

WSJ June 2009 Unemployment Report

OECD Stats World Unemployment Report (Spain is the highest at 18.1%)

Trading Economics China Unemployment Report

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

NinjaTrader Connect- Login Failed


Ever have a problem connecting to your data feed when using Ninjatrader while simultaneously using QuoteTracker? If you have quotes running on QT before you connect to your data feed on Ninjatrader you may get a connection login failed. In order to resolve this, stop the quotes in QT, then restart Ninjatrader and connect your data feed in Ninjatrader first, then start quotes in QuoteTracker.

QuoteTracker Error - exception processing message c0000013


Ever get an error when clicking on the menu bar in Quotetracker? I thought it was an issue with running Ninjatrader simultaneously, but it wasn't. It turns out it was due to my phone being plugged into the USB port. Unplug the phone, and problem fixed.

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