Saturday, December 01, 2012

Free Resources to learning R and other coding languages

R projectR is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. It compiles and runs on a wide variety of UNIX platforms, Windows and MacOS.

R StudioRStudio IDE is a powerful and productive user interface for R. It’s free and open source, and works great on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

R Cookbook - Download link to an introductory book to learning R.

R Tutorial Blog - A blog with lots of R tutorials.

Coursera's R course - Recorded R lessons from Coursera on youtube.

R Intro Book - Another great introductory pdf book on R.

Codecademy - Codecademy is the easiest way to learn to code. It's interactive, fun, and you can do it with your friends. They have interactive tutorials on Javascript, HTML/CSS, Python, and Ruby.


Common Sense said...

kid, you still alive.

it's time to get back in the game and rip the market's face off!!!


part time trader said...

hey man where are you?

HPT said...

I'm alive and well. Best of luck to you.

part time trader said...

Are you now working for proprietary trading company????

HPT said...

I've been at a prop firm for a couple years now and enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

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